5 signs you’re a 20-something living alone

In a year’s time, I’ve gone from absolutely loathing solo living with all my being — to the point where I pretty much dreaded going home from work because it just felt desolate and lonely — to absolutely loving it.

I truly believe the experience has transformed me for the better. Something changes inside you when you finally learn to be your own best friend. 

Living alone certainly has its perks and quirks — here are a few of them: 5 signs you’re a 20-something living alone.

1). Your refrigerator looks like this.


Try as I might, I can’t seem to get a grasp on the whole grocery shopping and cooking at home deal. But if you need some Mountain Dew and Mayo — no worries, I’ve got you covered for days.

2). You sit at your desk job and could quiver with pleasure at the mere thought of being home alone with your cat.

Juno 1

Sometimes anything but this is simply too much to take. Sweet purrfection. 

3). You read endless books and articles like this.

Travel alone and love it

Sharon, you have me convinced, girl. This wound up being the first on a long list of reading material on solo travel and The Flight Attendant Life. This one focused mainly on traveling abroad, which isn’t quite yet in my grasp, but with any luck will be someday soon.

And it’s pretty crazy how far a person can come — I used to barely be able to sit down at a fast food joint and scarf down a greasy delight by myself without feeling at least slightly uncomfortable. Now I really doubt I’d flinch at taking an entire vacation alone.

4). You don’t usually have people over — but when you do, a minor panic ensues. 

Excuse me while I spring into action and light approximately 7,897 candles. Candles: The answer to making any space appear inhabited by a civilized human being.

It’s amazing how much neglected cleaning you can get done in the 20 minutes between the time you invite someone over and their arrival.

5). You forget what it was like to live with several roommates. 

Say what you want about how fun roommates can be (I agree on some levels), but a universal truth: The reality of being tasked with cleaning the toilet is a lot easier to face when you’re only cleaning up after yourself. Enough said, huh?

If you’ve never lived alone and still have the chance to, I’d wholeheartedly recommend giving it a chance. It’s cat-crazy, condiment-loving, toilet-cleaning bliss. 


Until next time —

Peace, love & fairy dust,


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