The big leagues

Somewhere over Kansas on a brisk February night, I sold my last bottled water as a flight attendant.

But no, not because I’m back on the ground! *Shudders at the thought.* One of America’s legacy carriers finally decided to give this old girl a shot — or perhaps the recruiters just grew tired of seeing me lurking at the cattle call interviews year after year.

That’s right, I work for what some may call a “real” airline now. You can have water! For free!

All that card-swiping aside, you’ll never hear me say working for Spirit Airlines was anything but an absolute blast. For all the bandwagon negativity the airline receives, I was a darn happy employee and didn’t leave without taking all my options into serious consideration.

Ultimately, my third attempt at getting onboard with my current employer was successful. I left behind the comfort of my Spirit routine, base, co-workers, and salt of the earth passengers to spread my wings just a little further. Although I honestly miss being the underdog, the top ain’t so bad either.

I’ve scratched off a new set of milestones: completing two months of training, a string of monthly new hire meetings, flying my first trip as flight lead, and finally my first requalification testing. I’d be lying if I said the transition period was always smooth, but I made it! Why just the other day I was responsible for the oven and didn’t even sabotage anything. It was a major cause for celebration.

As with all flight attendant adventures, these first six months have been a mixed bag. I’ve wandered Amsterdam on gorgeous summer days, been hugged goodbye by a sweet little girl, talked over life’s mysteries with some great crews, and have come to love working first class. I’ve also narrowly dodged projectile vomit, been jet lagged beyond all comprehension, been berated and grabbed, and currently write this as I stay up overnight in a mouse-friendly crew lounge because I got in late and still choose to commute to my base. The glamour! The prestige! I love people and I love travel I love people and I love travel I love people and I love travel.

All mixtures aside, though, I’m so lucky. Sometimes I still can’t believe I struck it big time. I wanted the opportunity to work international trips and I got it. The boost to my paycheck is allowing me to actually save again, which feels oh so responsible. Longer layovers involve hotels that are actually downtown.

I’ve arrived, man.

Now that it’s nearly 4 a.m., it’s time to go home on my commuter flight. Do pray for me as I board in my uniform with my crew luggage and sit in a flight attendant jumpseat with a face that seems to read “please ask me for several things” and try my darndest to make it apparent to folks that I am not indeed actually working the flight. Should be fun.

Safe travels & happy holidays! If you’re on my flight, don’t be an asshole. Cheers.

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