Heya — thanks for stopping by!

My name is MyKayla, and I’ve been a flight attendant for nearly 3 years now. I’ve flown for what some may call “the Greyhound bus of the sky” as well as the airline whose hiring of flight attendants is often likened to Harvard acceptance rates. Suffice it to say, I’ve seen a lot of things on both ends of the spectrum.

With humble beginnings in a shabby Wyoming apartment, this site has existed under many names and served various purposes over the years. It has been with me through my first job out of college as a very naive but harmless newspaper reporter, endured a harrowing quarter-life crisis in the form of a social media job, seen me through a parade of airline interviews pageants, and finally accompanied me through my first years as a professional globetrotting trash compactor.

Here you’ll find the honest day-to-day of a flight attendant, horror stories, layover shenanigans, and whatever else I decide to chime in about.

Whatever brings you here, I do hope you enjoy your stay! And for the love of all that is holy, if I ever roll up and ask what I can get you, please, I beg of you — take your headphones off.

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